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Minervois wine, South France

minervois winesThe Minervois wine region located in a triangle between Narbonne, Carcassonne and Beziers has been consistently turning out outstanding Languedoc wines for the last two decades. The Minervois wines are now firmly established as some of the premier wines in Languedoc. The Domus Maximus wine, from the Minervois wine region was voted the 'best wine in the world' by Wine critics in 2009.

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Languedoc Wine Shop: Le Wine Shop in Pezenas

le wine shop2Why not discover the best Languedoc wines and food products when you're on holiday in the Languedoc this summer? Le Wine Shop, on the edge of the historic town of Pezenas, in between Beziers and Montpellier, stocks Languedoc wines direct from the local vineyards. Le Wine Shop is a great place to sample the wines of the Languedoc region.

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Fitou wines of Languedoc

fitouFitou. I wouldn't want to live there (too remote for my liking), but what great wines. I always think that the Fitou wines remind me of drinking Rioja. The flavours of these deep reds hit you after 30 seconds.

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Best South France restaurants to visit in 2022

la bastide st antoine 366From my perspective, there are two standout restaurants in the South of France: the Mirazur in Menton and the Auberge de Vieux Puits in the Corbieres. These two restaurants stand as bookends - both physically and figuratively - to the other restaurants in South France.

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Domaine du Meteore - wine tasting in South of France

domaine du meteore wine tasting france365I would like to share with you a great local tip about an exceptional vineyard in the South of France where you can enjoy a wine tasting with some local food. We love our wine at Go Languedoc, so during our hectic schedule this summer we managed to squeeze in a wine tasting at Domaine Du Meteore, which is located up in the Languedoc hills, just above Beziers, in the small village of Cabrerolles.

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Top 10 places for a Picnic for families in France in 2022

Picnic spots south france

Taking a picnic under the warm summer sun in South France, is the perfect way to enjoy all that fabulous French cheese, bread, paté, charcuterie - and of course the French wine. If you are planning your family holidays in South of France this summer, here is a list of 10 great places to enjoy a picnic in the French countryside.

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10 Languedoc wines in Top 50 World Wines list

Wine_glassesNo less than 10 Languedoc wines feature in the Sunday Times list of the top wines to buy in 2010. The respected Sunday Times wine critic, Janice Robinson, has picked out 10 Languedoc wines in her wine buyers guide for 2010. Beating off stiff competition from Australia, Spain, Chile, South Africa and Bordeaux, the Languedoc wines topped the poll.

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Faugeres wines of Languedoc

faugeres3Considering the Faugeres wine appellation was only created in 1982, it has gained an excellent reputation for producing consistently good wines. The secret to the Faugeres wines lies in the steep hills surrounding the sleepy village of Faugeres, high up above Beziers. In my opinion the Faugeres wines are some of the best quality wines of Languedoc.

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Classic French cookery school on Canal du Midi

cookery365If you are on holiday in the South of France and you want to undertake an activity for all the family, then there is an excellent French cookery school on the banks of the Canal du Midi near Carcassonne, which offers one day classic French cookery lessons. The cookery school is run by Heather Hayes and her husband David Crago and is located in the former stables of the splendid Domaine de Millepetit, just 50 meters from the banks of the Canal du Midi.

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French Cookery school & food tour Provence France 2022

provence food tours366If you are looking to explore Provence, France, then this cookery school and guided Provence food & wine tour in 2022 is the perfect way to experience the gourmet delights of Provence. Led by Amanda Taylor-Ace & chef Theo Michaels, this small group tour of Provence, takes place from Saturday, 9th May to Friday, 22 May 2022.

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Domaines des Trinites, Languedoc wine

Simon coulshawIf you want to taste some fantastic Languedoc wine and get a great story to go along with them, then let me introduce you to Simon Coulshaw. The man is undoubtedly crazy - possibly crazy full-stop - but certainly crazy about his wine. Originally brought up in Paris, Simon followed his passion for wine by giving up his well paid job in IT and enrolling in a college to study wine making and viticulture. There then followed an incredible 4 year period where Simon and his Catalan wife, Monica, visited over 100 different vineyards in the Rhône valley, Spain and the Languedoc.

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Vineyards of Languedoc

x LanguedocThere was a time when the wines of Languedoc in Southern France were looked down upon, even by the French themselves. But now the French regard the wines from the Languedoc region as amongst the very best wines in France. Here is our all year round report on the Vineyards of Languedoc

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Buying Languedoc region wines

maison du vinx366If you are interested in buying Languedoc region wines, then the Maison du Vin wine shop in Pezenas is the place to head. The owner Aurélien Carron is a trained wine Sommelier who specialises in selling the best Languedoc wines in his shop.

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Pastis drink in the South of france

pastis2Walk into any bar in the South of France and the chances are that you will see two old boys up at the bar drinking a strange yellow coloured drink. That strange yellow coloured drink is Pastis and it is revered in the South of France like Whisky is in Scotland. If you happen to be an 'apero' by friends, then the chances are that Pastis wll be the aperitif of choice.

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Chateauneuf-du-Pape wine

chateauneufThe Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines need no introduction to wine buffs everywhere. Although technically not quite in Languedoc wine region, Chateauneuf-du-Pape is such an amazing wine and so close-by that it is worth a detour up to Avignon to seek it out. Situated 20km from Avignon, this appellation of wines is famous the world over.

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Auberge du Vieux Puits, Michelin star restaurant, Languedoc

x auberge gilles

If you love excellent food and wine, then there can be no finer restaurant in the South of France as Auberge du Vieux Puits. This Michelin star restaurant is run by the celebrated French chef, Gilles Goujon; and it has just received its 3rd Michelin star award. I can not recommend this restaurant highly enough. The food, the service, the wine, the cheese . . . all were excellent.

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The 5½ best wines in Languedoc

x picpoul pinetIf you're coming to Languedoc and you like good wine, then you are in for a real treat. Some of the best wines in France are grown in Languedoc. Here is our tried and tested selection of the best Languedoc wines.

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Vinipolis restaurant & wine cellar

vinipolisThe Vinipolis restaurant and wine centre is a welcome addition to the Languedoc wine industry. The enterprising wine cooperative of Florensac opened the Vinipolis complex in 2008. Set in a shiny glass building, Vinipolis provides informative tours and wine tastings, together with an excellent brasserie next door.

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Noilly Prat dry vermouth, Marseillan

noilly pratNoilly Prat is one of the claim to fames of Marseillan, a nice little coastal town in Languedoc. For the last 200 years it has been the home of the Noilly Prat distillerie that produces this famous French vermouth drink. Noilly Prat is most famously used as the base for Dry Martini. The Noilly Pratt factory is located on the edge of the harbour in Marseillan in South France, close to Cap d'Adge. The original Noilly Prat dry vermouth was invented back in 1813. It is a straw coloured drink that uses around 20 different local herbs and ingredients.

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Montpellier France food tours

montpellier food toursIf you are looking to get the lowdown on traditional foods to buy in France, then this popular French food tour in Montpellier is a great idea. Guided by a local food expert, Marine Dromard, you will discover some amazing French gastronomy. The food tour takes in the the beautiful historic centre of Montpellier, where you can stroll past food shops and browse the food markets, finding many hidden gems along the way.

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Saint-Chinian wines

<p><img src="/images/848/saint-chinian-wines.jpg" alt="wine bottles" width="848" height="550" style="border: 0px none #000000; margin: 2px auto; display: block;" /></p>
<p>At the foot of the Montagne-Noire (Black Mountains) and covering the picturesque Orb valley, the Saint-Chinian wine appellation was formed in 1982 to group together the wine production from twenty villages, centering around the town of St Chinian. With its strong focus on high quality wine production, St Chinian wines have won a well-deserved reputation for fruity, full-bodied Languedoc wines.</p>
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<div style="clear: both;">
<p><img src="/images/848/saint-chinian-wines.jpg" alt="wine bottles" width="848" height="550" style="border: 0px none #000000; margin: 2px 6px; float: right;" />At the foot of the <em>Montagne-Noire</em> (Black Mountains) and covering the picturesque Orb valley, the <strong>Saint-Chinian</strong> wine appellation was formed in 1982 to group together the wine production from twenty local villages, centring around the town of St Chinian. With its strong focus on high quality wine production, St Chinian wines have won a well-deserved reputation for fruity, full-bodied Languedoc wines.</p>
<p>Although some rose is produced, my preference when it comes to Saint Chinian wine is to stick with the reds. However, I have been told that the rosés from the village of Roquebrun (in the Saint-Chinian appellation) are very good.</p>
<p> </p>
<h2>St Chinian wine, Languedoc </h2>
<p>Some of the best Saint-Chinian wines to look out for include:</p>
<li>Mas Champart, St Chinian wine (see here for <a href="/">Mas Champart</a> tasting notes)</li>
<li>Domaine Canet ValetteSaint Chinian wine - visit this page for further information about this wine and the domain (<a href="/">Domaine Canet Valette</a>)</li>
<li>Domaine Clos Bagatelle, St Chinian wine</li>
<p> </p>
<p>If you are in a restaurant and you want to taste a good Languedoc wine then I would recommend choosing either a Saint Chinian wine, a Minervois or a Faugeres. You won't go far wrong.</p>
<p>For more great Languedoc wines please read our article <a href="/best-food-&amp-wine/best-wines-in-south-of-france.html">Best Languedoc Wines</a>. For further details about the wines of St Chinian please visit the <a href="/">Saint-Chinian AOC</a> website.</p>
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Best Languedoc restaurants

x l entre potsIf you are looking for a good place to eat in Languedoc, then follow the Go Languedoc guide to the best bistros and restaurants in Languedoc. As we are based in the Languedoc and we enjoy our 'tucker', we thought that we would pass on some of our tips of the best Languedoc restaurants we have eaten in.

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Picpoul-de-Pinet, French white wine

x picpoul pinetPicpoul-de-Pinet is the one French white wine you absolutely must drink in Languedoc. The production of the world famous Picpoul de Pinet white wine is centered around a few small villages close to the Bassin de Thau, that produces much of France's high class oysters and mussels. Quite simply, Picpoul de Pinet is an outstanding French white wine at a refreshing price.

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